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Agents of APE

My latest novel Agents Of APE is finally available. Click the button below to find out where it is available for purchase.

Meet Siccy. She’s an arse-kicking, smart-mouthed chick from the Aussie outback. She likes her men complex and her life simple, but all that is about to change. You see Siccy’s just woken up from a nap to find that five years have passed.

Now, her fiancé’s shacked up with her best friend, and strange creatures are trying to kill her. And if all that wasn’t weird enough, the darkly, mysterious Elliot arrives, determined to recruit her as an Alien Private Eye.

But is Elliot who he says he is, and are his claims that the planet is in danger true? Siccy must put her broken heart aside if she is to decipher the truth, thwart the attempts on her life, and go on to save the world.

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