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You're all signed up and your free book is winging its way to your inbox right now. Well, that's the way I like to think about it 'cause I don't understand the internet. I picture a stork holding a sack with... Oh that's not important. What IS important is that Faery Born is on its way.

While you're waiting, I wanted to tell you about an offer I've put together for those who enjoy Faery Bron. I've packaged Books Two and Three (Faery Forged and Faery Revenge) together and discounted the bundle by 25%.

I thought I'd tell you now 'cause I know I hate it when I buy something and then find out I could have gotten it cheaper. Anyway that's enough from me for now.

Happy reading.

Donna Joy Usher

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Faery Forged

Book Two in The War Faery Trilogy


Galanta is only one step away from successfully releasing Santanas. The faeries must either stop her or hope that their allies stand strong in the coming storm. While they seek her out, they are forced to cement old allegiances and create new ones.

With this in mind, Orion offers himself as a groom to the treacherous night faeries, asking only that Aethan go in his stead to choose his bride. Meanwhile, Galanta’s spell means that while Izzy now remembers Aethan, he has no memory of her.

As Aethan, Izzy and Wilfred travel to the realm of the night faeries to bring home Orion’s bride, they are pursued by goblins and hunted by giants. To make matters worse, Santanas’ strengthening power means that terrifying monsters are unleashed against them. They will need all their strength and cunning to make it safely home and to stop Galanta from releasing a mad War Faery upon the world.





Faery Revenge

Book Three in The War Faery Series


The veil is sealed for thirty days and Izzy is looking for distractions to help her forget about Aethan. When a strange dragon and rider appear in Eynsford, Izzy and Isla travel with Emerald to another world. There, they discover the mystical city of Millenia; home to to a band of renegade dark faeries, Ubanty and dragons.

Unable to return, Izzy is forced to battle pirates and the advances of the devastatingly handsome Turos.

But at home, the shadow of war is marching across the land. Santanas is back and gathering an army, and Izzy is needed.


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